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Photography & Videography

Weddings: Welcome

Photo/Video Bundle

- 8 hours of coverage for both photo & video

 -Guarantee of 500+ Fully Edited Photos

 -Sneak peek within 72 hours for both 

- Multi-song Cinematic Video Highlight

- Vowels incorporated into highlight

- Entire Ceremony Video

- All Dances & Toasts Videos

- Cocktail Hour Video

- Wedding Party Video

- Guest Captures collected into Dropbox folder 

- 2 Photographers, 1 Videographer 

 -4K Cameras & 4K Drones  

 - Drone Availability Subject to FAA zoning laws


- 8 hours of coverage

 - Guarantee of 500+ Fully Edited Photos
- 2 Photographers

- Sneak Peek within 72 hours

- Digital delivery with release for prints

- 4K Cameras

Photography Only

Standard Video Only

- 6 hours of coverage

- Cinematic Highlight

- Entire Ceremony

- All Dances & Speeches

- Screenshot Moments

 - 1 Videographer
- 4K Cameras, 4K Drones

- Drone Availability Subject to FAA zoning laws

Premiere Video Only

- 8 hours of coverage

- Sneak Peek within 72 Hours

- Multi Song Cinematic Highlight

- Vowels/Audio incorporated into Highlight

- Entire Ceremony

- All Dances & Speeches/ Toasts

- Cocktail Hour & Wedding Party Video

- Guest captures collected into Dropbox Folder

- Screenshot Moments

 - 2 Videographers

- 4K Cameras, 4K Drones

- Drone Availability Subject to FAA zoning laws

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Weddings: Video Player
Anna & Evan Premiere Highlight
Kacey & Chris
Lindsey & Wes
Kristin & Drew
Christine & Andrew
Paige & Ryan

Success Stories

Weddings: Testimonials
Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 6.37.07 PM.png

Mitch met with us to discuss our expectations and details prior to the wedding and ultimately gave us more than we could ask for! A fabulous trailer summarizing the day, along with a more detailed full length edited video of all of the highlights. I do not think we could have hired a better person to capture these moments – Mitch’s generosity, optimistic attitude, love of good vibes and the Lord was all that was needed that day. We felt it, and the results are proof of it!


Thank you Mitch – your happiness is contagious!

Adam & Alison Milosz

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 6.45.18 PM.png

Mitch, they are more than we could have ever asked for. That highlight video is the most perfect thing and I’ve cried each time I watch it. Being able to watch our ceremony is truly priceless. The day went by so fast that it’s hard to remember everything but you have given us the most priceless gift. We will cherish these videos forever and will always have them to remind us of the most perfect day. We can’t thank you enough for this gift, you are truly an artist and it was our honor to have you capture our love.

Jill & Kevin Whiting

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